Since The Beginning Of Nada

Humankind’s knowledge, or adversely, it’s unawareness of its minimal importance has inflated the egos of non-virtuous men. This has opened the gates of greed and social loathing amongst a populace that drowns in a wave of social discontent and economic slavery. The patterns of enslavement have evolved over time, metal chains no longer cause contusions, though the shackles remain incorruptible. They cannot be physically removed as the torture is welded deep in the consciousness of the people who have been programmed like machines to honour the abuse of power and stay silent in times of political upheaval. The dictators of this world are men who stand side by side amongst herds of humans, whilst habitually failing to listen to their heartfelt insecurities and injustices. Portraying inauthentic smiles and waves as partisan crowds rise in hysteria. They are given life by the growth of political fragmentations as the dissolving nature of cohesion erodes the mountains of tolerance that have slowly disintegrated over time. Prosperousness grounds those gravitating beings who are propelled towards the stars. For this earth is designed to teach the lost souls a lesson. A lesson that is required in order to flutter across galaxies. Each singular experience is a less than minuscule segment of the universes overall potential and might. The galaxies are eternal, the possibilities are far beyond endless. With intellect – there is overwhelming growth as the mind is a replication of the universe. It is a divine entity that brings us closer to the holy grail of the meaning of existence. Life is a bond, for the noble or the peasant and through war and violence the spiritual vitality of man has been subdued into silence. Division, the prognosis in a feverish world that remains ill, yet refutes treatment. Schisms exclude the common good which strives to repair the splinters that have crippled our people, as rulers produce derailing potions that send the locomotives of humanity crashing into the pits of despair. Some may argue that war and disharmony are merely reflections of the disorder associated with outer space. In the external walls of earth, destruction is inevitable. The universe is a theatre of unmanageable struggles, a maddening cauldron. It cannot control its internal strife that creates intolerable fractions. Human beings – unlike stars – are capable of controlling and avoiding their self-annihilation. Preserve and pay homage to the beauty of existence, for everything that passes with air is an example of how far we have come since the beginning of nada, on a platform in the midst of cosmic conflict.


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