One Night In Rome

the absconding light

in the weariness of morning

evades the guard of the blinds

as the brightness forms

the scent of cigarettes lingering

from the night before

where lovers opened their hearts

and more

now he awakens

all alone

the first thought in his mind

the one he let go

with war there comes peace

with her I am not sure

for she is an ocean

that has no shore

i oversaw a painting

one night in Rome

that spoke of angels

in humanly form

now I cannot confess

or expose

that she is the one

whom turns stone hearts

into fibres of gold

she has only ever appeared

in my dreams

the one time

years ago

before our lives intertwined

a faceless figure

rose from the thorns

proclaimed that true love

will come once

for that I am not sure

in this ethereal moment

a message was announced

that even love

cannot break down

the most stubborn of man

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